At this time, while we are under construction, the Nearest Green Distillery is not open to the public. 

Our Founders Tour was created to give bartenders, food and beverage directors, and spirit influencers a behind-the-scenes tour like no other. Our brand ambassadors invite those they’ve encountered in the field who embody the spirit of Nearest Green—full of love, honor, respect and service. At this time, the only way to see what we’re up to prior to our distillery opening is to be invited by our founders and brand ambassadors. (There is one hack: engage with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages as 1-2 lucky members of our #WhiskeyFamily are invited to join us for each Founders Tour.)

When our founders set out to recreate an experience Nearest would be honored by, they knew it would need to begin in his hometown of Lynchburg, Tenn. 

Dan Call Farm
Our tours begin at the home on our bottle, the Dan Call Farmhouse on the 313-acre property where Nearest made Tennessee Whiskey at the soon-to-be well-known Distillery No. 7 in district number four. In the early 1870s, the IRS redrew the lines and Distillery No. 7 in district four became distillery number sixteen in district five. This caused a great deal of confusion for whiskey lovers who’d long enjoyed the good stuff coming out of the hollow in the hills above Lynchburg. Distillery No. 7, where Nearest Green was the master distiller, would officially begin operating under its new number for government purposes, but not to the public. To them, it would always be known by its original number. You will visit the location where the original distillery stood and taste the natural spring water that has never ceased flowing since Nearest’s days there.

Miss Mary Bobo’s Boarding House
Enjoy the best southern food Tennessee has to offer at the former home of our director of whiskey and distillery operations. A young Sherrie Moore spent many years with her great grandmother, who she still affectionately refers to as “Mama Bobo,” in this 19th century home. Although Sherrie has been eating this food since a child, she joins us each time because, as she likes to say, “I’m never missin’ a meal at Mama Bobo’s.”

Farmer’s Bank/Downtown Lynchburg
Walking off such a hearty meal is easy to do with the town square being a stone’s throw from Miss Mary Bobo’s. We visit the bank where our Tennessee Silver recipe, which hasn’t been used since 1912, is kept secure in its vault.

Highview Cemetery/Lynchburg Cemetery
No trip to Lynchburg is complete until we pay homage to Nearest Green at Highview Cemetery, as well as his most famous pupil at the cemetery directly across the street.

Barrel House BBQ
For those wanting to take a piece of Lynchburg with them on the road, we stop by Tennessee’s #1 barbecue place for their famous “grilled cheese on crack” (named #3 grilled cheese in the country by YELP and Money Magazine).

Nearest Green Distillery at Sand Creek Farms
Our final stop on our Founders Tour is the Nearest Green Distillery. Situated on a famous, 270-acre Tennessee Walking Horse farm, we are creating a distillery experience unlike any other. Sip on our signature cocktail, the Tennessee Buck, while walking the grounds and enjoying one of the most majestic tours in the whiskey world.

All travel is arranged and covered by Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey for this educational and immersive experience. 

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