Uncle Nearest Live Shows

Tune in on Facebook and Instagram Live every week for guided tastings and live cocktail segments with Uncle Nearest Brand Stewards and Industry Leaders in the U.S. and the U.K.

Cooking & Cocktails with Chef Jernard!

Chef Jernard is back again and this time he will be preparing a French Onion Grilled Cheese. And as a special treat, Sailor will demonstrate her signature, La Mer cocktail, she created to pair with this delicious vegetarian dish. LA MER 1 oz Uncle Nearest 1856 1/2 oz Punte E Mas 1/2 oz Bordeaux or […]

For The Love of Whiskey & Beer!

Who doesn't love a great beer with a side of premium whiskey? Join us for a special live segment with the great guys from Metier Brewing. GUESTS: Rodney Hines, Dreux Dillingham and Todd Herriott of Metier Brewing in Woodinville, WA. In french, 'métier' means “one’s calling,”. There are 429 breweries statewide, but Woodinville’s Métier Brewing […]

Learn How To Make Uncle Nearest Infused Ice Cream!

Jenna Elskamp from Métl Bar & Restaurant in Downtown San Diego makes Uncle Nearest whiskey infused ice cream and talks about her love and discovery of boozy ice cream! TUNE IN LIVE AT 8PM EST ON FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE!

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